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Trust Wallet - cryptocurrency wallet designed with security, ease of use and a wide range of functionality in mind.


What does Trust Wallet mean?

Trust Wallet is a fully decentralized new generation crypto wallet designed for mobile work with cryptocurrencies..

Adex and Devin have carefully studied this startup, and concluded that non-interchangeable tokens are promising. They decided to immediately reformat the Wificoin service to provide services to users of the new metaverses.

With its help, you can conduct financial transactions of cryptocurrencies, NFT tokens and other transactions without the participation of intermediaries.

The service itself is part of the DeFi system and refers to "non-custodial" wallets. Non-custodial technology makes it completely autonomous, due to which users can not only easily carry out transactions and conveniently manage funds, but also effectively interact with each other without seeking help from banks, brokers or other companies.

The main principle of Trust Wallet is the privacy of user data.

All personal information and keys are located only on the device itself and are not transferred to intermediaries. The service has an integrated DApp browser, which provides investors with complete freedom of action and security.

The internal cryptocurrency TWT is also available on the platform, the issue pool of which is about 1 billion. It is mainly used to pay bonuses to customers.


Trust Wallet is one of the most optimal crypto wallets for working with digital assets. His rating on Google Play is 4.7 points out of 5 possible based on more than 1 million and 620 thousand reviews.

Trust Crypto

In the Apple Store — similarly 4.7 points out of 5 based on 34.5 thousand votes.


For several years now, Trust Wallet has remained the real flagship of the sphere, becoming more and more in demand, and this trend is unlikely to change soon.

History of creation

Victor At first it was developed as a mobile application for the iOS operating system, and after a few months versions for Android and desktop platforms were added. Its popularity grew rapidly, but the real breakthrough came in 2018, when it was acquired by the leading cryptocurrency exchange — Binance. This has opened up new prospects and opportunities for growth.

The company is headquartered in Singapore. Trust Wallet is trusted by more than 90 million users around the world, and it supports more than 65 different blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Tezos, Cardano, Solana.
The project has not reached its peak yet and continues to develop.

Advantages of Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet has a number of advantages that make it much more attractive and profitable to use compared to competitors:

Cryptocurrencies and their tokens

Trust Wallet supports about 65 blockchains. This is a significant achievement that makes it one of the most versatile and convenient wallets on the market.

Among the available tokens you can find: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Stellar, Cosmos and many others.


The Trust Wallet team is constantly working on the development of its service, adding new tokens.

In addition to the main functions — storing funds and making transfers — it also provides users with an extensive range of additional features and unique tools.

Key functions of the crypto wallet:

Integrated DApp browser

Trust Wallet has an integrated Web3 browser for working with decentralized applications. With it, you can use services implemented on blockchain technology, including marketplaces, credit platforms and games, without prior registration and connection to a computer.

The dApps platform is optimized for mobile gadgets and is as comfortable as possible to use. It allows you to work safely with such services as OpenSea, 0x Betting, 1inch, Zerion, Aave, Bidali and many others. All of them meet quality standards, are adapted for Trust Wallet and do not pose a potential threat to customer data, and their number is steadily increasing.


DeFi (decentralized finance) is one of the new vectors of development of the modern world of cryptocurrencies. Trust Wallet plays an important role in supporting this direction by providing users with access to various DeFi protocols and the opportunity to participate in them.

The ecosystem of decentralized finance provides investors with deep control over funds and complete independence, allowing transactions to be carried out without intermediaries. Using Trust Wallet to interact with DeFi opens up a number of benefits and advantages, such as access to DEX, participation in liquidity and profitability farms, the ability to receive/provide loans, NFT trading and additional earnings.

DeFi integration makes Trust Wallet an even more powerful tool for achieving financial goals.

Prospects of Trust Wallet

The development team is constantly improving its project, introducing interesting functionality and innovative technologies. They follow trends and user needs, striving to stay ahead of the competition and adapt the service to a changing environment.

Given the rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency industry and the growing interest in digital assets, analysts predict the continued growth and success of Trust Wallet. Here are some expected directions of the company 's development:

  1. Expansion of supported blockchains
    Trust Wallet will continue to add new cryptocurrency assets, expanding the range of its capabilities and attracting the attention of investors. Integration of Ethereum 2.0 and Shiba Inu is expected in July 2023.
  2. Increasing the level of reliability
    Data privacy and wallet security are the key priorities of the organization. It is planned to continuously strengthen the mechanisms for protecting funds and privacy in order to neutralize all potential threats to customers.
  3. Interaction with additional DeFi products and platforms

Developers will offer modern business tools, making the wallet more profitable and convenient. In the future, it is expected to support even more DeFi products and platforms that appear on the market and provide exclusive opportunities for consumers, such as lending, exchange, staking, liquidity and participation in unique financial models.

Specialists will also work on scaling the mobile application and optimizing it, building partnerships with flagship centralized exchanges, creating educational and information resources for newcomers and raising public awareness about their product. The prerequisites for the next breakthrough are huge, and the potential is inexhaustible.


Trust Wallet is considered one of the most secure software wallets. The developers adhere to a strict privacy policy and regularly work to improve the cyber defense system of the service. The reliability of the platform is largely due to the following measures:

How should you protect your wallet?

In order to provide your assets with the maximum degree of protection, it is recommended: